Bōdee Organics topicals are designed to support a range of health and wellness needs, helping you feel your best when you wake up, after a workout, before hopping in bed and through all hours of your day. These fast-acting, transdermal ointments are infused with premium, THC-free CBD and supplemental organic ingredients to deliver benefits when and where you need them.

Thrive Body Balm

Achieve mind/body balance with this fast-acting transdermal balm.

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Thrive Pain Gel

Soothe sore muscles and joints.

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What People Are Saying…

I wanted to reach out and let you know that Bōdee Organics CBD oil is amazing. I use your Thrive tinctures and capsules and after a couple weeks of use I feel great. I am 73 years old and it has brought back my energy and spunk I had when I was younger. Thank you for changing my life for the better!

 — Cheryl L.

Cheryl L.

Bodee Revive tinctures are amazing. My teenage daughter started experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety after entering high school. I was a skeptical parent and certainly did not want to put my kid on prescription drugs. I gave Bōdee a try and it has changed my daughter’s life for the better. She is back to being a normal high school kid again. Thank you!

 — Jerry U.

Jerry U.

I constantly suffer from pain associated with degenerative arthritis. A friend told me about Bōdee Organics topicals, and I decided to give it a try. I use both the Body Balm and Pain Gel and it has been the best decision of my life. Thank you for bringing me relief.

 — Lewis T.

Lewis T.

A friend told me about Bōdee Organics, so I thought I would give it a try. I was concerned about failing my company drug tests due to THC, but upon researching I learned that Bōdee Organics products are THC-FREE so I gave it a try. After a few weeks I now wake up refreshed, clear-headed and ready to start my day. I take the Awaken capsules with my breakfast and Thrive drops throughout my day and it is truly amazing. Thank you Bōdee team for an amazing product.

 — Tommy T.

Tommy T.

I have been in the health and gym industry my entire adult career and have seen and tried it all. I started using Bōdee Organics Body Balm on sore muscles and to deal with other aches/pains and the stuff is amazing! I keep it with me everywhere I go!

 — Nels N.

Nels N.

I am a surgical RN and always looking for solutions to keep me refreshed and focused during long surgical periods in which I am standing for several hours at a time. I heard about CBD products, but needed to be certain there was no THC that could impair judgement. I found Bōdee Organics and spent several hours doing online research and talking with their team directly. They explained that their products have zero THC and after them sharing their test results to prove this fact, I gave it a try. My energy and stamina levels are great as well as my general well-being and focus. Thank you Bōdee Organics team! You have a customer for life.

 — Markita S.

Markita S.

I’ve tried several CBD brands and didn’t achieve any results until using the Bōdee product line. Great product at a very good price. I definitely recommend their products for anyone looking to try CBD.

 — Sean S.

Sean S.

Hands down best CBD products on the market today. I use the Awaken at breakfast, Revive at bedtime and topicals throughout the day. The products are amazing. Thank you Bōdee Organics!

 — Ersa B.

Ersa B.

I began using Bodee CBD drops for my youngest daughter who suffers from high anxiety and ADHD. The results have been incredible! Thank you.

 — Tina B.

Tina B.

I use Bōdee topicals on my teenage daughter who is a competitive dancer before and after dance competitions to support muscle fatigue and recovery. The Body Balm infused with arnica and emu oil, along with the Pain Gel infused with OptiMSM, have been amazing! Now the entire family uses Bodee products and we are loving the results. Thank you!

 — Richelle C.

Richelle C.

While competing in women’s professional basketball in Europe, I incorporated using Bōdee Organics products into my training regimen and it definitely helped me to achieve optimal performance both on and off the field.

 — Retired pro basketball player, Dezirae E.

Retired pro basketball player, Dezirae E.

Thank you Bōdee Organics for all the time spent educating me on CBD and what to look for out there. I’ve been skeptical because of the rampant fraud occurring in the CBD space. It’s nice to find a company that is doing things ethically and produces quality products consumers can ensure are safe and effective.

 — Mariah L.

Mariah L.

I started using Bōdee products while playing baseball in college. Being a starting pitcher, I needed a product that would support the reduction of muscle fatigue and also help with my on-field focus. College is now over, but I continue to use Bōdee products every day. They are awesome!

 — Vincent L.

Vincent L.

Best sleep I’ve had in years. Thank you, Bōdee Organics!

 — Jordan O.

Jordan O.

I take Bōdee Organics’ Awaken line to start each and every day. As a Tempe, AZ city employee I had to ensure I found a product with no THC. After Bodee showed me their test results proving there was no THC I decided to give them a try. You now have a customer for life, thank you Bodee!

 — Anthony C.

Anthony C.

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