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Quality CBD Supplements You Can Trust

We understand the quality of your supplements is of utmost importance – and we don’t take your trust lightly.
Certified and ethically sourced from American farms, Bōdee Organics produces premium hemp-derived CBD products that support a healthy mind and body.

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We have harnessed the power of CBD for daily use, developing proprietary formulations for targeted wellness benefits.


Fast-acting drops are infused with premium CBD to deliver a range of benefits when you need them.

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Time-released capsules support your body’s endocannabinoid system throughout the day or night.

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Water-soluble softgels are easy to swallow, offering increased bioavailability through nanoemulsion technology.

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Topicals combine CBD with supplemental ingredients to support an anti-inflammatory response and pain relief.

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Edibles infused with premium CBD support everyday wellness and tame inflammation (coming soon).

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Explore all of our products to find the formulations and synergistic blends that suit your wellness goals.

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Why CBD?

Cannabidiol – or CBD – is a nonintoxicant compound extracted from hemp or cannabis plants. For hundreds of years, it has been praised and studied as a natural option to promote wellbeing. All Bōdee Organics CBD is extracted from 100% USA-grown hemp.

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We help businesses nationwide sell, produce and distribute the highest quality CBD products. From wholesale and white-labeled products to completely unique formulations, our highly experienced teams can guide you through any facet of launching or selling CBD.

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